Meet the Instructors

Hello, My name is Adele and I have been taking yoga classes as a participant since I was 18 years old. In 2014 I set up Yoga Orkney after gaining my diploma in teaching yoga and other group exercise classes. As a teenager and young adult I struggled with low self-confidence and I found that taking yoga helped me feel relaxed, even if just for short periods of time at first.

Eventually when I started teaching I found that this helped me over come my stage fright and show that people of all ages, sizes and genders have a voice that is worth listening too. Slowly over time you can build confidence and that you have your own unique values that are worth something to the people around you and that it is worth taking time to look after yourself.

I became pregnant with my first (and only) son in 2014 and continued to lead the group exercises until I was almost 9 months pregnant. After he was born I felt there was a gap in the market for other women who wanted to continue to be physically active during pregnancy and found that it was not business as usual after the birth of my son which led me to undertake a Post and Ante natal exercise diploma to help care for other women which also fitted in well with my mum & baby yoga and massage classes.

I love to learn and have also undertaken trainings in Pilates, Yoga Anatomy, aerial yoga as well as BarreConcept and BarreConceptFloor. I feel that this combination of classes give you as much variety as you could possibly ask for in a set of group classes and I love every minute of teaching.

I would love you to come along to class, feel free to browse the webpage for details or email me here YogaMail .

I feel that everyone should be able to come and enjoy fitness classes whether you prefer that to be one to one, in a group, a class with your baby or simply to come and relax. I feel it’s not always about results but enjoying the process and enjoying what you are doing in the moment.

That way you are more likely to come back, time and time again.

Adele is a member of the Register for Exercise Professionals (REPS).