Thank you – Day 1

Every day this week we’ll have a little think about the benefits of finding something to feel thankful about…

Gratitude can be defined as the ‘appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself’. So it is unique to you. Gratitude need not only be applied when we receive a gift but in response to positive actions or feelings.

Research indicates that the gratitude is associated with our overall sense of well-being. Being healthy not only relates to our physical fitness but our mental health and ‘well-being’. So it stands to reason that there are some fairly simple actions we can take to increase our overall health and well-being? I know I am in pursuit of become a healthier more well being!

One simple technique to enhance our experience of gratitude can be to keep a simple gratitude diary and write down the things we have or should feel grateful for that day. Rumour has it that doing so may even lead to a better night’s sleep. Not a hard task to reap some excellent benefits I’d say.

thank you - day 1