Yoga Definitions: Chakra

Yoga chakras

So perhaps a term you’ve heard in passing or in a comedy sketch and you’ve probably seen something similar to the images in this post. The word Chakra comes for the sanskrit word for wheel and refers to the energy in the body (prana) which, in yoga, travel through channels or ‘nadis’. There are 7 major chakras in yoga and tend towards major glands along the spine and in the skull that secrete hormones that regulate various bodily functions.

The chakras are thought to be spinning vortexes of energy and each one is responsible for different behaviours or values in life. Each also has it’s own colour and mantra as well. If our prana becomes depleted or our nadis become blocked due to poor life habits or pattern behaviours it is said to cause problems in out physical, mental and emotional well-being. By practicing yoga we revitalise the chakras and allow the prana to flow freely again.

  • Root chakra – muladhara – base of spine – red – security
  • sacral chakra- svadhistana – below naval – orange – desire
  • solar plexus chakra – manipura – stomach – yellow – confidence
  • heart chakra – anshata – middle of chest – green – innocence
  • throat chakra – vishuddha – throat – turquoise – communication
  • brow chakra – ajna – between eyebrows – indigo – wisdom
  • crown chakra – sahasrara – head – violet – oneness with all
Yoga Chakra Symbols
Yoga Chakra Symbols