Oh Baby – yoga and massage

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This is a block of 4 online parent & baby yoga and Massage sessions that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Family members are welcome to join in.

Benefits of Baby Yoga and Massage

Physical benefits

  • In one session, babies receive as much physical activity as if they were handled for a few hours
  • Baby Yoga & Massage can help with sleep
  • Can help to relax and ‘settle’ baby
  • good habits to promote physical activity later in life

Physiological / developmental benefits

  • All the babies bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems
  • Stimulation through touch has been shown to contribute to the development of baby’s brain and nervous system.

Psychological benefits

  • Can improve communication and understanding between parent & baby
  • gentle introduction for baby into new scenarios
  • promotes social bonding, between baby & parent and later baby & peer
  • A joint relaxation that can promote bonding.

Suitable from around 8 weeks to crawling.

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